Kilimanjaro Direct was founded in 2005 by Sheila Ryan,as a response to the poverty she witnessed during a holiday to the area.

Sheila Ryan teaches music in Presentation Secondary, Kilkenny,Ireland.

The aim of the charity is to help alleviate poverty in the `Kilimanjaro area of Tanzania,East Africa.

The charity has a board of Trustees based in Kilkenny, Ireland.It is a registered Irish charity. CHY 17681

Initially help was given to families selected by local village chairmen. These families live in mud huts and were in desperate conditions.Most of the families live off the land< growing maize to survive.

Many times the crops fail and the families are left with very little to eat, perhaps just bananas.

Initially food was given and families were given help to set up small business.

Later the charity began building houses for people with disability who were living in mud huts.

Seven houses were built, using local labour and local materials. This helped provide some employment in the area.

In 2008 the charity decided to build a school as a more long-term solution was needed for the people in the area.

A three and a half acre site was purchased and building began on the school site.

The school will provide not only an excellent academic education, but also some vocational training with woodwork,tailoring,computer technology and horticulture being offered.

The children offered places in the school will come from families who cannot afford to send their children to school, and also places will be given to orphans in the surrounding areas.

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